If you come to our workshop and view a show home, we will take you around and through the tiny homes and show and explain everything from top to bottom, inside out. We will say something like:

"Welcome to the Ruru. Let us take on a tour through our home, to explain why The Ruru is so unique. We build on a 3x10m platform, steel engineered and manufactured in Motueka.

We only work with local suppliers, sometimes with national suppliers but we do not import any cheap overseas materials. Everything we do and use is built onsite and does not come prefabricated.

On top of our platform sits 19mm plywood, which is treated and painted so no toxins are released into your living space. On top of that we recommend to put cork tiles, because they are thermally insulating, soundproofing (The Ruru is so big, it actually comes with a free echo!)

and soft to the feet. The maintenance is very low and they look beautiful.

However, if you don't like tiles - we can do a different floor, too. Our local flooring supplier installs any vinyl of your choice. We can't do Hybrids, because they float on the floor and that's exactly what we do not want in a moveable space. Apart from that, tell us what you're dream is and we'll get a quote on it.


Our homes are timber framed, not steel framed, for various reasons. A designer has set them up properly so they are structurally safe. We believe living in timber is a whole lot more comfortable than living in steel. Also, the insulation values are much better. Last but not least, timber is flexible. If you ever want to change something, or hang up a really heavy cupboard in the kitchen - go for it.

You're flexible, and the structure allows for it. In our walls is Earthwool Insulation, a product commonly used in residential dwellings. We achieve all R values you'd expect in a regular dwelling.

As per the NZTA regulations, every tiny home of 3m width needs to be detachable from its trailer unit. This means, we're not too worried about weight, as we can always transport on a low bed and allow the trailer to be used on private land. For questions around trailers, or no trailers, please refer to our FAQ or call us.

The outside cladding is premium grooved Shadowclad and the inside is grooved plywood. Both products are structural and give our homes the strength and stability for their size whilst still being moveable.

Our windows are manufactured in Nelson from a local window company that we have a very long relationship with. They're aluminum framed and double glazed. With insulation and double glazing, our homes are warmer than most of the new residential builds, and dry, and comfortable. Also, they have 10 windows and two french doors, so they are light, and roomy, and spacious whilst offering perfect airflow in every corner.

You will find a gas califont and a power plug for caravans on the side of our tiny homes, as they are on wheels and rated as a trailer load. All our electrical work, gas work and the fireplace are of course installed and certified by local tradesmen for your safety. The house has a carbon monoxide detector and two smoke alarms.

Also we have allowed for an outdoor power plug and water outlet for irrigation or a hose, for your convenience.The little fireplace makes the home not only warm, but cosy. With our excellent insulation results we are currently taking bets if you can get through winter with heating it with pine cones only!


Come on inside, I'll show you around! You will see the house is very spacious from the inside, and doesn't really feel like a caravan!

Our main goal is to create a home on a tiny footprint, not a tiny home. So, this is the kitchen. We had the desire to create a kitchen that has a 'real' size. Therefore you will find only full size appliances like a dishwasher, 4 burner gas stove, an oven (electric or gas, your choice) and space for a full size fridge. The sink sits under the window so and there is also a breakfast bar, which you can change into two more cupboards with drawers, if you don't want a breakfast bar. The bench top is timber, you can choose acacia, or bamboo.

However, if you have your own ideas about a kitchen - we can deliver the tiny home without a kitchen and your local joiner can fulfill your dreams, no problem.

Our stairs are custom made and the 'stadder' is leading up to the mezzanine. We call it a stadder because it's not stairs, but its not a ladder, so it's a stadder. Try it out, it's a bit funny for the brain, but once you've done it once, it's easy as.


Upstairs you will feel the space, literally. 3 windows give you views in all directions and the landing has 1900mm standing height, to stretch out. If you're rather short, you can even stand up tall comfortably on the mezzanine deck.

Opposite the kitchen we have stairs with underneath storage leading up to the fully enclosed bedroom. With both mezzanines we have the option to either close them fully with a door, semi enclose them with a balustrade or not enclose them at all and let you add your own creative footprint to it. We are trying to create a canvas that you then individualize yourself, so we are trying to make as few decisions for you as possible.

Upstairs you will find the same dimensions as over the mezzanine, and this space comfortably fits a King Size Bed, or a Queen Bed, and of course two or one single bed. Important for us are ample power plugs, so you'll find 4 double plugs on each mezzanine and a variety of plugs around the rest of the tiny home.

One of the key features of the home is the bathroom, as it's actually bigger than mine! It fits a 900x900mm shower, a 900mm vanity unit and a toilet of your choice. Again, you decide what's best for you and we make it happen. Composting or cassette, or no toilet but an outdoor solution - every client has different ideas and we work with you around them.

The best part of the bathroom is the storage space (ok, apart from the massive window that gives you the feeling of an outdoor bath). You can fit a washing machine and a dryer plus the wardrobe units in here. Or you don't want space and simply put a bathtub in - full size, no kidding. Make it your personal SPA space if you want - this bathroom certainly has enough size to make anything possible.


The entire home comes with recessed LED lighting, which is integrated in the walls and ceilings. We've tried and experimented a lot but we have found the perfect combination of warm ambient light that's still light enough to be used to work, for example in the kitchen, or in the bathroom.

Our walls are painted with low VOC paint and we use Resene, as it's a NZ brand. With all products and materials we are trying to support local, or NZ based companies, and avoid any imports. Also good to know is that our team is in for the long run, we're working hard but we make sure they're happy and enjoy their work, as a team, and are valued and respected.

Certainly each company has goals and commitments to meet, but at Ruru Tiny Homes we're making the teamwork part of those primary goals. Only a happy builder will give 100% into his daily work, and only then we can offer a high end product, with the best quality that we expect. Little details like skirting or scotia are important to us, to make a difference from 'caravans' to a home.

This is why we are happily offering a 3 year warranty on all our workmanship and of course transfer all warranties of materials and products to the new owner.


Well, all you need now is some time to inhale the space and enjoy the tiny home which could be yours very soon.

Transport options are available for nationwide delivery, please talk to us anytime."

And now that you have read all that, you will almost not need to talk to us in person - but you should, because only if you have seen a Ruru in person you will understand how 'great' they really are!

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